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I cannot rave more about Leanne Goldstein from MK Disability Lawyers! My mom was feeling such a great deal of stress when she was notified by the insurance company of the cease of her long-term disability benefits — with really no clarity whatsoever.  Unable to work and still trying to cope with her physical illness, I looked into finding a legal representative for my mom’s case — and I came across Leanne.  Leanne is not only professional and courteous, but she truly understands her client’s needs and works hard to fight for their rights! We were never kept in the dark and were always notified in a swift manner about the progress of our case and our options.  And of course, we were very happy with the outcome of the case!  If you are looking to find someone who doesn’t treat you as a case file, but rather, a human being, I strongly recommend Leanne!

我谨对MK Disability Lawyers 的 Leanne Goldstein予以最高的赞誉!当保险公司通知我妈妈,她的长期残疾福利被取消时,我妈妈顿时感到压力山大、不知所措,她当时既不能够工作,还得努力应对她身体的疾病,我在为我母亲的案件寻找法律代表人时遇到了Leanne,她不仅彬彬有礼、十分专业,而且完全明白我们的需求。她尽力为我们争取权益,我们总是被及時告知我们案件的进展和选择,从不拖延和含糊。当然,我们对案件的结果感到非常满意!如果你正在寻找一位专业的、且会真心帮助你的人,我会强烈向你推荐Leanne!