MK Disability Lawyers' Statement on COVID-19 - Read Post

If you are reading this review, it means you are where I was over a year ago. I was trying to decide if I should act on my feelings of the injustice I was feeling as a result of repeatedly denied claims and appeals from my insurance company, in spite of the fact that my condition was very well documented. I worked very hard to bring myself back to improved wellness, and as I started feeling better I found the strength to seek out help. I made an appointment with Leanne Goldstein, and I walked out of that office knowing I was finally understood and very importantly supported and believed. The support and understanding continued every step of the way, and I truly have no words that can express the gratitude I have for Leanne and her hard work. The positive outcome not only helped with the financial burden of being off work for an extended period, but most importantly, it also affirmed what I knew to be true, that I was wrongly denied my LTD benefits and treated unfairly to say the least. Out of this experience, I encourage anyone who is living through wrongly denied insurance claims, to at least investigate your options, if not seek out the help and action like I did. Validation is also good for your health, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the work Leanne did for me, and what she continues to do for others.