Sexual Assault

Toronto & Markham Long-Term Disability Lawyers for Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual assault is a violation that the well-being of the victim in the moment but can also have lasting effects that severely impact a person’s life for months or years afterward. It impacts each person differently, with varying levels of severity, but in some cases, it can dramatically alter a person’s mental well-being for a significant period of time. Similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, a person who has been assaulted may experience symptoms immediately after the event, or they may be unexpectedly triggered months or years later.

Symptoms can be extremely varied, ranging from physical to emotional to cognitive, each of which can dramatically impact a person’s ability to perform at their job. Like other psychological conditions, symptoms stemming from sexual assault trauma cannot be diagnosed with a simple test and as a result, claims tend to be more frequently denied or challenged by insurance providers. At MK Disability Lawyers, we take that challenge on for our clients in order to ensure that they are able to get the treatment and time that they need to focus on recovery and healing.

How is Sexual Assault Trauma Diagnosed?

Survivors of sexual assault can have dramatically different reactions to the event. Some may appear to move past the event with relative ease, while others can be severely impacted in a variety of ways. In addition, survivors of sexual assault often feel revictimized by the stigma surrounding this issue. This stigma can be compounded within certain cultures or based on gender. Symptoms may take months or years to materialize, similar to PTSD. Examples of symptoms common among sexual assault survivors include, but are not limited to:

Physical Symptoms

  • Disordered eating or dramatic changes in appetite;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Fatigue;
  • Headaches and muscle pain;
  • Pain from physical injury caused by the assault; and
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Emotional Symptoms

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • Flashbacks;
  • Confusion; and
  • Difficulty finishing tasks.

Like PTSD, those experiencing symptoms of sexual assault trauma will be checked for underlying medical factors to ensure that there isn’t a physical cause for their symptoms. If no medical cause is found, then persistent symptoms that don’t show signs of improvement after 30 days will be diagnosed as psychological. Treatment will likely focus on psychotherapy and may include medication to treat associated symptoms such as depression or anxiety.

Long-Term Disability Claims and Sexual Assault Trauma

Anyone facing severe symptoms after a sexual assault, whether they appear a day, a month or even years after the event, may experience difficulty at work, triggering the need for a long-term disability claim. Like other “invisible” ailments, the lack of definitive medical testing makes securing adequate long-term disability coverage especially challenging. MK Disability Lawyers has decades of experience representing both clients and insurance providers in LTD disputes relating to sexual assault trauma. We have worked on both sides of the negotiation table and we have the skills to effectively take on the country’s largest insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

While we are determined in our efforts when negotiating and litigating our clients’ LTD claims, we treat each client with care and compassion above all else. Facing a disability dispute while being unable to earn income only compounds the stress caused by the disability itself, and our goal is to alleviate unnecessary strain wherever we can. We will do everything in our power to take on the pressure associated with disputing a claim denial so that our clients can focus their efforts on healing and recovery. In addition, we firmly believe in accommodating clients however we can to make the process easier for them. As a women-led firm, we are especially empathetic to the trauma felt by sexual assault victims of any gender, and compassion is our focus when dealing directly with our clients.

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