Motor Vehicle Accidents & Other Personal Injuries

Long-Term Disability Lawyers for Claims Related to Motor Vehicle Accidents & Personal Injury

An accident may last just seconds, but it can result in physical injuries that impact a person for months or even years. Whether a person sustains an injury in a car accident, a fall or even an assault, the effects may be life-changing in terms of their physical and cognitive functionality and ability to work. The injury may even necessitate ongoing and costly care such as rehabilitation, home care, medical equipment and other expenses. Dealing with a claim denial or termination for long-term disability benefits is the last thing a person needs while coping with a physical injury that prevents them earning an income. Stress is already a factor and costs can accumulate quickly, making an approval for disability coverage all the more pressing.

At MK Disability Lawyers, we have worked with many clients who have been impacted by motor vehicle accidents or other situations resulting in injury. We have decades of experience assisting clients with securing long-term disability benefits so that they can focus their time and energy on recovery and rehabilitation. When an insurance provider denies or terminates a claim, the timing to dispute the decision can be critical, so we recommend that clients reach out to us right away in order to discuss their case and determine next steps.

Full-Service Representation

When someone has suffered an injury, it is likely that a civil claim will soon follow. Whether injured in a car accident, an assault, a workplace accident or a slip and fall, there is a likelihood that another party is at least partially liable for damages. We are able to represent clients in both civil claims and long-term disability disputes simultaneously, saving them from having to engage multiple lawyers for the claims stemming from a single event. In some cases, damages awarded in one matter may have an impact on disability benefits. Having oversight over each ongoing action enables us to effectively manage the timing of the matters in a way that maximizes the benefit to our client.

Effective and Widespread Accommodation

We make it a point to see our client’s situation through their eyes. We understand that injuries may severely limit a person’s ability to travel, leave their home, and may even impact cognitive function. As a result, we have carefully designed our practice to afford personalized accommodations to each client as needed, whenever possible. As your lawyer, it is our job to ensure your comfort to any degree that we can, and so we routinely use technological tools that allow us to do just that. For those who are unable to attend at our offices, we are able to meet remotely via teleconference or video conference. We also utilize DocuSignâ technology to allow clients to sign paperwork from the comfort of their home instantly, in order to keep the momentum of their case moving forward even when they might be housebound.

MK Disability Lawyers for Exceptional Experience with Long-Term Disability Claims for Injuries and Accidents

At MK Disability Lawyers, we customize our service for each client in order to provide them with the benefit of our considerable experience in a way that lessens hardship on them. We will do everything we can to secure a favourable outcome for clients involved in disputes concerning their long-term disability claims. We take on the challenge of disputing a claim denial or termination, in addition to any associated civil claims, so they don’t have to.  If you have had a long-term disability claim for accident-related injury denied or terminated, we can help. To arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced disability lawyers, please complete the online form, or call us at 844-241-3832.

My LTD Case Manager is Out to Get Me. What Can I Do?

When our clients come to us because their long-term disability (LTD) benefits have been terminated, we ask them many questions, including details about their experience in dealing with their insurance company.