Post-Cancer Treatment Effects

Experienced Toronto & Markham Long-Term Disability Lawyers Representing Clients Facing Effects Post-Cancer Treatment

Every step of a cancer diagnosis is incredibly challenging. From the initial diagnosis, it can feel like one’s world has been turned upside-down, and things only get more stressful from there. Cancer is a terrifying condition to face, and one that often impacts a person not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well. While many people may think that upon the completion of treatment, life can return to normal, this is unfortunately not always the case. Many forms of cancer treatment are extremely intrusive, leaving long-lasting effects that can impact a person’s functionality for months or years afterward.

At MK Disability Lawyers, we have the utmost respect and empathy for clients who have faced a cancer diagnosis and seen their way through the lengthy and taxing treatment process. We have all seen loves ones suffer through this process and we are passionate about helping to secure the benefits our clients need in order to properly recover from the effects that treatment may have had on them.

Post-Cancer Treatment and Long-Term Disability Claims

As mentioned above, some people think that the end of treatment is a clean break from the treatment’s effects on the body, and unfortunately, that is just not true. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can all take a major toll on the body and can leave lasting effects that may impact a person’s ability to work for months or even years afterward. Those who have gone through chemical and radiation therapy to treat various forms of cancer may find themselves facing any of the following long-term effects:

  • Swelling and discomfort in areas targeted by surgery;
  • Numbness or tenderness in areas targeted by surgery and/or radiation;
  • Fibromyalgia after surgery or chemotherapy;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Mental fatigue or “brain fog”, which can impact cognitive function;
  • Depression and/or anxiety; and
  • Difficulty sleeping.

Cancer treatment, in many cases, is a time-consuming prospect. People may be required to undergo a combination of treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, which may not happen simultaneously. Due to the fact that many people require long-term disability benefits just to tackle the treatment process itself, many insurers may be reluctant to extend benefits once treatment has completed.

At MK Disability Lawyers, we have extensive experience working on both sides of this issue. We have represented insurers in the past and we understand how the decision-making process works. As a result, we know how best to prepare our clients and present a case for continued coverage when a client is unable to return to work following intensive cancer treatment.

Putting Clients Interests First

We are determined and focused when it comes to defending our clients’ positions to their insurance providers, but our focus is on compassion and accommodation when it comes to dealing with clients themselves. As disability lawyers, we understand that most clients are facing limitations of some kind, and we have designed our practice to be able to accommodate those limitations whenever possible. We provide personalized service for each client, aimed at reliving them of any unnecessary burden during the claim dispute process. We will schedule meetings at times when our clients are at their best, and we can employ remote meeting technology for clients who are unable to travel to one of our offices. We understand that making it through the cancer treatment process takes an incredible toll on a person, and while it’s a celebratory time, it may also be full of ongoing challenges as well. We want to ensure that we do everything in our power to remove as many obstacles as we can while we work to secure the benefits our clients need so that they can focus their efforts on healing and recovery.

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At MK Disability Lawyers, we do our best to take on the stress of dealing with our clients’ long-term disability disputes, so they don’t have to. Clients who have faced the incredible challenge of a cancer diagnosis and treatment are under a great deal of stress as it is, which is compounded greatly by a denial of their long-term disability claim. We advise clients on the best path forward to successfully appeal a claim denial while remaining sensitive to the physical and emotional challenges they may be facing. If you have had a long-term disability claim denied or terminated, we can help. To arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced disability lawyers, please complete the online form, or call us at 844-241-3832.