Degenerative Disc Disease

Markham & Toronto Long-Term Disability Lawyers Assisting with Claims for Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is a neurological condition otherwise known as arthritis of the spine. As we age, due to wear and tear and sometimes genetic factors, the cartilage between the joints in the spine can begin to break down, causing pain in the area and possible nerve damage in the related extremities as well. For many people who work, whether that involves sitting a desk or standing most of the day or lifting heavy items on a regular basis, the condition can make working quite uncomfortable. Further, by continuing to work, we may actually compound the existing condition, making it worse.

The lawyers at MK Disability Lawyers understand that for those suffering from degenerative disc disease, the most frequently prescribed treatment is rest. Often times, proper rest is enough to decrease symptoms, though this can take several weeks or months. Given that, we are determined to help our clients facing degenerative disc disease successfully access their long-term disability benefits in order to reverse the damage to their spine and begin to heal.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease and How is it Diagnosed?

As mentioned above, degenerative disc disease is arthritis which is located in the spinal area. Many people have arthritis in the spine and are never aware of it because it doesn’t present any symptoms. However, in more severe cases, the condition can begin to cause severe discomfort in the neck and/or back, as well as nerve damage that affects nearby limbs. If the nerves are affected, it’s possible that the person may experience numbness or tingling in the arm or leg nearest to the injury.

Most commonly, degenerative disc disease will be diagnosed using an MRI or CT scan. This will enable the physician to see if there is damage to any discs in the spine and how serious it may be. In some cases, the damage may be so advanced that surgery is required.

Long-Term Disability Claims for Degenerative Disc Disease: What You Need to Know

When making a claim for degenerative disc disease, the claimant will need to establish, through sufficient medical evidence, that they are suffering from the condition and that it is preventing them from effectively performing the duties of their job. This will almost always be established by presenting a record from the claimant’s physician tracking symptoms, a potential diagnosis (though this is not necessary, as the claim will be evaluated primarily based on the claimant’s functionality) and any treatments prescribed. This information must come from a medical professional; it is not sufficient to submit a personal record tracking the same information.

At MK Disability Lawyers, we work with our clients to first gain a full appreciation of their coverage under their specific long-term disability policy. Definitions and obligations can vary from policy to policy and from insurer to insurer. Our first goal is to ensure that our client fully understands the expectations and obligations they will be required to meet in order to successfully dispute a claim decision. From there, we will advise them of the information they will need to gather, including any assessments or opinions that may help to bolster their case.

MK Disability Lawyers: Putting Clients First

Our priority is always the comfort and well-being of our clients. As long-term disability lawyers, we understand that many of our clients are dealing with conditions that make daily life a struggle, and our goal is to lessen that burden for them rather than contribute to it. As a result, we go out of our way to provide accommodations wherever we can so as not to tax clients unnecessarily. We regularly use technology that allows clients to sign paperwork from home, and we can even have meetings via video or teleconference. We have two convenient and accessible office locations for those who are in a position to travel. We will also be mindful about the time of day we schedule meetings if a client has more challenging times of the day due to their condition.

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At MK Disability Lawyers, we do our best to take on the stress of dealing with our clients’ long-term disability disputes, so they don’t have to. For clients suffering from degenerative disc disease, we are sensitive to their individual needs and will accommodate them to the best of our ability. If you have had a long-term disability claim denied or terminated, we can help. To arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced disability lawyers, please complete the online form, or call us at 844-241-3832.