Understanding is vital when representing neurodivergent clients

MK Disability Lawyers partner Rupa Karyampudi was honoured to be featured in a recent article by Legal Matters. Please see an excerpt reprinted below, and visit the Legal Matters website to read the full article.

Representing clients who are neurodivergent in long-term disability insurance claims can be challenging, says Toronto and Markham-area disability lawyer Rupa Karyampudi, which is why patience and understanding is necessary in order to be successful.

Karyampudi, a partner at MK Disability Lawyers, explains that with neurodivergence, a person’s brain processes, learns or behaves differently from what is generally considered typical, or neurotypical. When it comes to making a claim for long-term disability, neurodivergent clients can face obstacles that hinder their ability to access medical diagnosis and records, which could lead to a denialEven getting legal representation can be a frustrating prospect, she says.

“Many clients who are neurodiverse experience added trauma. It could be because they are having a difficult time navigating the healthcare system,” Karyampudi tells LegalMattersCanada.ca.  “Being in the world as a neurodivergent person can be stressful and triggering for them mainly because of challenges in communication.”

Communication can be ‘a significant challenge’

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