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My LTD Case Manager is Out to Get Me. What Can I Do?

When our clients come to us because their long-term disability (LTD) benefits have been terminated, we ask them many questions, including details about their experience in dealing with their insurance company.  

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My LTD Claim is Denied: What Are My Options?

If you applied for LTD benefits and your insurance company denied your claim or if you were receiving LTD benefits and your insurance company terminated


Surveillance in Mental Health Long-Term Disability (LTD) Claims

A while back we wrote an article about the use of surveillance by insurance companies in Long-Term Disability (LTD) claims (“Surveillance and LTD Claims: Are They Watching Me and Why?”). The article provided disabled individuals with useful information to help them understand how surveillance may be used in their LTD claims and lawsuits. Since then, one of the most frequently asked questions we have had from clients and others about surveillance has been whether insurance companies use surveillance in Mental Health Long-term Disability (LTD) insurance claims.


Why are Mental Health Disability Claims Denied?

A large proportion of disability cases we see at MK Disability Lawyers is due to mental illness. We have helped clients suffering from a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, addictions, and many others.

Unfortunately, many disability claims resulting from mental illness are denied by insurance companies. There are many reasons for this. Mental illness is an “invisible” disability and it is not always obvious when someone is suffering from mental illness. Compounding this problem is that there continues to be a stigma associated with mental illness, which further causes people to hide the illness from family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes even health care practitioners.

In this blog article, I am going to explore the main reasons why mental health disability claims get denied and how you can help your case.


Can My Long-Term Disability (LTD) Claim be Denied Because of a Pre-Existing Condition?

Most group long-term disability (LTD) policies contain exclusions. One of the most common exclusions is the “pre-existing condition” exclusion. In this article I am going to examine the typical wording of a pre-existing condition exclusion in a group LTD policy and what you should  do if your LTD claim is denied on the basis of  of a pre-existing condition exclusion.


What do you do if your Short-Term Disability (STD) or Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefit claim has been denied or terminated?

You have spent months providing the insurance company with forms and medical records and letters from your doctors, all saying the same thing: You are disabled and can’t work.  Yet, the insurance company does not or will not believe you.  Perhaps you feel as though you have been hitting your head against a brick wall.  As if being made to feel like a fraud and going without an income for so long wasn’t enough, they’ve now told you, in no uncertain terms, that they will not pay your benefits because you are not disabled.  You doubt anything you or your doctors can say or do will convince them otherwise.  What now?