MK Disability Lawyers Featured in Two Recent Articles

MK Disability Lawyers in the News: Racialized Communities Face Mental Health Care Challenges

MK Disability Lawyers partner Rupa Karyampudi was honoured to be featured in a recent article by Legal Matters about the additional challenges faced by racialized and immigrant communities in Canada when it comes to accessing proper care for mental health. Please see an excerpt reprinted below, and visit the Legal Matters website to read the full article.

Racialized and immigrant communities often face barriers preventing them from receiving the mental health care they deserve and the stresses of the past year have exacerbated a troubling issue, says Toronto and Markham-area disability lawyer Rupa Karyampudi.

Karyampudi, a partner at MK Disability Lawyers, says there are many people suffering from mental health issues who are entitled to insurance benefits but don’t know how to access them or they may not have a clear grasp of their legal entitlements.

Even those with a legitimate claim can be frustrated by the process and simply give up, she says, unaware that they can challenge an insurance company’s denial. For some, seeking legal advice may not be seen as a viable option.

To read the full article, please click here.

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