MK Disability Lawyers Featured in Two Recent Articles

Family doctor shortage can impact the ability to prove disability claims

MK Disability Lawyers partner Courtney Mulqueen was honoured to be featured in a recent article by Legal Matters Canada. Please see an excerpt reprinted below, and visit the Legal Matters Canada website to read the full article.

A family doctor’s role in supporting their patients through an insurance claim process cannot be undervalued, says Toronto disability insurance lawyer Courtney Mulqueen

However, Mulqueen, a partner at MK Disability Lawyers, says the shortage of these practitioners is impacting both patient care and the ability of those hoping to prove their disability claims, whether it is for Canada Pension Plan disability, sick leave, workplace accommodation or long-term disability.

“Without the support of family doctors through the application process and beyond, many people may be unable access benefits to meet their day-to-day living expenses and pay for the treatment necessary for their recovery and, ultimately, their return to work,” she tells LegalMattersCanada.ca

According to the College of Family Physicians of Canada, nearly five million Canadians are without a family physician. That has pushed many patients into overcrowded emergency rooms.

ER shift begins with ’40 to 50 to 60 patients in the waiting room’

To read the full article, please click here.

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