Courtney Mulqueen quoted by CBC News about Life Insurance and Mental Health

Courtney Mulqueen, Partner at MK Disability Lawyers, was interviewed and quoted by CBC News regarding life insurance and mental illness. The article is about a man in Elmira, Ontario who says that his application for life insurance was denied by Sun Life Financial because he has generalized anxiety disorder.

“Courtney Mulqueen, a Toronto-based lawyer who practises disability insurance law, said that means insurers need to be able to prove that a condition, such as anxiety, carries a substantial increase in risk.

She said that with something like a generalized anxiety disorder, “there’s a very good argument to suggest that that does not substantially increase the risk.” She added that most insurers have a two-year suicide exclusion policy, during which time no claims will be paid if the death is the result of suicide.

Mulqueen said she’s concerned that the practice of excluding people from insurance coverage based on mental illness could discourage people from seeking help.”

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