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MK Disability Lawyers is a women-led boutique law firm specializing in Canadian Long Term Disability litigation.

We employ our extensive knowledge and expertise to be an empathetic advocate and voice for you.

Are you emotionally and financially exhausted fighting for your LTD benefits? If you don’t know who to turn to, turn to us. We see you as more than just a file or someone with a disability. We value you as a person and will use our knowledge and experience to ensure the insurance agencies do too. at MK Disability Lawyers, you have direct access to the lawyer working on your unique case. It is this level of personalized support that sets us apart.

We understand how insurance company work, after having represented them as well. We didn’t like it. Now we advocate for you, and sleep a lot better at night. Our purpose is to not make you feel intimidated. We work with you to find the best legal solutions for you.

Reasons to Hire MK Disability Lawyers for Your Long-Term Disability Matter

Long-Term Disability is Our Focus

Simply put, long-term disability litigation is what we do, and it is all that we do. We chose to focus our firm on this area of law because we are passionate about seeking justice for clients facing the unfair denial or termination of claims when legitimate health concerns prevent them from working and earning an income. We have the experience and the skills necessary to provide clients with exemplary results.

The partners at MK Disability Lawyers have dedicated their entire careers, spanning decades, to long-term disability litigation. They formed MK Disability Lawyers with a shared passion and commitment to seek justice for those who have been unfairly denied legitimate disability claims. Our partners bring a wealth of experience to representing our clients. Courtney Mulqueen has been litigating long-term disability claims for nearly 20 years. She spent the first half of her career as a lawyer acting as in-house counsel for national insurance companies before shifting to representing plaintiffs at a leading disability law firm and founding MK Disability Lawyers. She knows how these insurance companies work and how they defend their claim decisions. Rupa Karyampudi began litigating long-term disability claims for plaintiffs at a leading disability law firm in Toronto before founding MK Disability Lawyers. Rupa has the added experience of disputing other related-disability claims for disabled plaintiffs. Leanne Goldstein has represented disabled plaintiffs at leading disability law firms for over 20 years before joining MK Disability Lawyers as a Partner. She brings with her the experience of pushing long-term disability disputes beyond mediation to trial, if necessary. As a result of our experience, we are exceptionally well-prepared when we go up against insurance companies in court, mediation or at settlement negotiations. We have seen these matters play out from every angle, and we use this insight to the benefit of our clients.

Diversity and Compassion Are Key Components of Our Firm

Our firm offers a keen sensitivity to the unique struggles and stigmas faced by various marginalized groups, particularly when dealing with a disability. We understand that some clients may face additional stigma around mental health issues due to their culture, gender or industry. This can compound the stress of an already challenging time and we are conscious of that, making sure to accommodate the particular needs of each client in any way we can. We have also represented a significant number of clients who are part of the LGBTQ community, who, as a group, face higher rates of mental health struggles due to discrimination and other societal factors.

We are a culturally diverse firm and we provide a welcoming environment to all of our clients. We make an effort to anticipate any potential challenges upfront, such as potential language barriers so that we can find a solution. When necessary, we make use of professional translators in order to ensure that our clients can fully communicate with us, and us with them. We understand that most clients are highly stressed, being unemployed and facing litigation against a large insurance company, all the while dealing with a physical and/or psychological disability.  Our goal is always to make our clients as comfortable as possible throughout the process, from start to finish. In short, we have got your back no matter your race, sexual orientation, gender identity or the nature of your disability and no matter how intimidating your insurance company may appear to be.

A Women-Led Firm

MK Disability Lawyers is a proudly women-led firm, run by three female partners who value our relationships with our clients and understand the importance of communication.  We prioritize empathy and compassion in our approach to serving all of our clients. We know that some topics might be sensitive for our clients and we intuitively understand the need to be approachable and attentive.

We leverage our powerful communications skills to persuade insurance companies to overturn inequitable decisions and use our well-developed problem-solving abilities to dissect complex issues. As effective multi-taskers, we are able to analyze the needs of our clients while zealously pushing cases forward to resolution.

We Make Long-Term Disability Litigation More Convenient

The nature of practicing disability law means that many of our clients are dealing with physical and/or psychological limitations or challenges. For their convenience, we are proud to offer two locations in the GTA; one in Markham next to the Markham-Stouffville Hospital, and another in Toronto, conveniently located right on the subway line. We also serve clients throughout Ontario, many of whom live in areas not geographically proximate to either of our locations or clients with serious mobility issues, limiting their ability to travel even short distances. Our firm uses several technological resources to better serve these clients no matter where they are located in the province or what their limitations may be. We can meet with clients remotely via phone or video conferencing, and we employ DocuSign® technology to facilitate the obtaining of signatures on time-sensitive documents.  We are careful not to burden clients with unnecessary office visits just to obtain a signature. In some cases, we can even travel to a client for significant steps in the resolution process, such as discovery or mediation.

We strive to make litigation as smooth as possible for each of our clients. To that end, we can also assist our clients with any concurrent legal matters pertaining to their disabling condition, such as:

  • CPP Disability Claims;
  • Disability-related Employment Matters;


Having us handle the long-term disability (“LTD”) and all disability-related claims means we can coordinate the timing of various proceedings to maximize settlements while saving you money, time and stress. For example, if a civil matter reaches a settlement first, it could have the effect of reducing the amount of the related long-term disability claim. Having MK Disability Lawyers manage all related claims also means our clients will save money on medical records, reports and assessments and saves clients the time and stress of having to deal with two or more law firms.

Long-Term Disability Lawyers Litigating Claims for Chronic Pain, Psychological, and Neurological Conditions

MK Disability Lawyers represents clients from across a wide range of industries in challenging disability claim denials against all of the major insurance providers in Canada. We have extensive experience and a deep understanding of long-term disability claims and how the insurance companies operate. We provide clients with personalized service respecting a range of disabilities, including: